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Jesus Christ!"

Worship Tech Opportunities

Do you like electronics? Then your church needs YOU! We need people to help operate the sound system and computer during Sunday morning worship services. What do you need in order to run these things? The list is LONGa willingness to serve, and…that would be about it! The systems, designed specifically for churches, are quite simple to operate. (Don’t let all the knobs and switches intimidate you!) The great part about this ministry is that it happens during worship, when you’re in church anyway! Do you feel God calling you to step up and help? Talk to Rev. Mark or Ruth Dulaney.

An Outreach Idea

Here’s a low-risk, easy way to introduce others to faith- share Rev. Mark’s website with them. Described as “a daily look at life as a shaved-headed, earring -wearing, rock-drumming United Methodist minister”, www.stickwithjesus.com features a “thought for the day”, written by Rev. Mark- a new one is literally added daily! There is also a daily Bible verse AND a Prayer Request page, where you can (anonymously if you want) ask for prayer! Check it out- if you would like to subscribe and receive a daily email link, email Rev. Mark at revmark@myaledoumc.com and let him know.


Did you know that your church has a notification service named Call-Em-All? We use it to notify church members, both through automated phone calls and/or text messages, of a variety of things. Do YOU get texts and/or phone calls from Call-Em-All? If not, would you LIKE to? Whether you are a committee member, a member of a group like United Methodist Men or Women or you would like to receive all-church news or prayer requests, Call-Em-All can help keep you informed. If you are not currently receiving Call-Em-All notifications or would like to receive more of them, simply call the office. We can help! 

The Nursery

Did you know that the FIRST thing young families want to see when they visit a church is the Nursery? Makes sense- they have small children whom they want to be well taken care of. With that in mind, your church has a great Nursery Program. Professionally staffed and lovingly tended, our Nursery is a great place for the youngest among us! Here’s what the Nursery looks like: The main focus of our nursery is simple...care and spiritual growth. Our goal is to provide a loving environment where the youngest among us can feel comfortable and safe. Your church truly believes that our children are NOT the future of the church- they are very much an active, important part of its PRESENT! 

Aledo UMC Bus Ministry

We’d love to come pick you up and bring you to any of our services. Just make arrangements with Greg Cobert in advance by calling (309) 737-5621 and we’ll put you on our “Pick Up” list.

Church Membership

Have you felt God tugging at you, urging you to take a leap of faith and become a larger part of something bigger than yourself? Have you been considering joining the church, but just haven’t taken the plunge! There is no time like the present! Contact Rev. Mark (314-582-2169, revmark@myaledoumc.com) and set up a time to visit with him. This 30-minute meeting will allow you to get to know each other better. At the end of the meeting, you’ll decide which Sunday you would like to join the church…and the rest, as they say, is history! Pray about it- are you ready to take the plunge?

You have questions? We have answers!