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     On Sunday, July 29, we begin a new sermon series- The Five Sacrifices. The Old Testament Book of Leviticus is often maligned. (I have joked, when leading a “Read the Bible in a Year” group, that, when we completed that particular book we should all get t-shirts that read “I Survived Leviticus”!) But it includes some powerful views on connecting with God AND it is seen as a bridge to God’s gift of His Son in the Gospels. One of the most powerful aspects of Leviticus is often referred to as The Five Sacrifices. These “offerings of the law” serve a threefold approach- 1. they provide a way to make and keep a right relationship with God, 2. they are a metaphor for Jesus’ sacrifice for us and 3. they are a pattern for our own approach to God. The weeks of the series look like this: 

Sunday, July 29, 2018- The Burnt Sacrifice (Leviticus 1) 
This sacrifice is the first step toward loving God perfectly. (Leviticus 6:13, Romans 12:1-2) 
Sunday, August 5, 2018- The Meal Sacrifice (Leviticus 2) 
This sacrifice speaks of a life that is dedicated to generosity and giving. (Leviticus 3:11-13, Romans 7:7) 
Sunday, August 12, 2018- The Peace Sacrifice (Leviticus 3) 
This sacrifice is one of praise and thanksgiving. (Genesis 31:44, Romans 5:1-2) 
Sunday, August 19, 2018- The Sin Sacrifice (Leviticus 4) 
This sacrifice looks toward our unintentional weaknesses and failures before God. (Leviticus 4:35b, Romans 3:21-24) 
Sunday, August 26, 2018- The Trespass Sacrifice (Leviticus 5) 
This sacrifice addresses intentional sin. (Psalm 69:13-15, Romans 2:12-13) 

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