The Trinity: Practically Speaking 

WHAT: Rev. Mark’s current Tuesday morning Bible Study  

WHEN: Tuesdays @ 9AM

WHERE: In the Fellowship Cafe’  

WHY: Three Gods, or One, or Three-in-One? Since the word Trinity does not appear in the Bible, many people wonder whether the doctrine is anything more than an intellectual puzzle created by theologians. This book takes readers on a guided tour of the logic leading to understanding God as a Trinity. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit in the Bible (and in Christian experience) are all vital to the reality of salvation. All three save. A robust understanding of the Trinity fosters a more full and transformed Christian life.  WHAT ELSE: The books are...FREE and it is NOT too late to join!   

Jesus, Tea and Me

WHAT: Joanne Harris’ current Women’s Group

WHEN: Tuesdays at 2PM

WHERE: Fellowship Cafe 

WHY: A chance for women to get together, share and make a difference!

The Gospel of Luke

WHAT: Rev. Mark’s current Wednesday morning MEN’S Bible Study

WHEN: Wednesdays @ 6:30AM

WHERE: In the Fellowship Cafe’ next to the sanctuary

WHY: With a historian's precision, Luke's Gospel shows painstaking care both in detail and in expression. Of equal distinction is the universal appeal of the Gospel. Dr. William Barclay wrote that this Gospel makes " Christ the open door for all without reserve. " In many areas that were either minimized or neglected by the other Gospel writers, Luke's account is more complete, emphasizing prayer, the dignity of women, and praise of God. Barclay's insightful comments help each of us to see the infinitude of God's love through Luke's eyes.

WHAT ELSE: The books are $15 and it is NEVER too late to join!
Grief: God's Help in Times of Sorrow  
WHAT: Rev. Mark’s current Wednesday evening Bible Study 
WHEN: Wednesdays @ 6PM  
WHERE: In the Fellowship Cafe’ next to the sanctuary  
WHY: Cancer takes the life of a loved one. Your marriage ends. Your spouse dies. You're left feeling lost and helpless, wondering How can I go on? This study from Psalms will lead you to the arms of our compassionate, healing God, who weeps with you, walks with you and offers hope in the midst of pain.   
WHAT ELSE: The books are $10  

Current adult Bible Studies

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