301 North College Ave.

Aledo, IL 61231

PHONE 309-582-2169

​​​"We exist to

​connect people to

Jesus Christ!"

Adult Sunday School happens at 9AM on Sundays.

There are three MARVELOUS choices:

WHAT: Seeker’s Sunday School Class
WHEN: Sundays @ 9AM
WHERE: In the Seekers Room, Education Wing
WHY: The Seeker’s Sunday school class is centered on the Adult Bible Studies series produced by Cokesbury. The study is designed to help adults understand the meaning and authority of the Bible for Christian life. It offers a daily bible verse to be read along with weekly preparation to study God’s word on Sunday morning. Our class currently has approximately 20 members who enjoy a deeper look into the scriptures along with discussion on how it pertains to our contemporary society. They welcome you to their class and strive for your continued growth in Christ through study!

WHAT: Sonrise Coffee House Sunday School Class
WHEN: Sundays @ 9AM
WHERE: In the Sonrise Coffee House, Education Wing
WHY: This class enjoys the warmth of friends. They have a relaxed atmosphere (laughter is required).  Their discussions during class time are taken from a variety of studies. The past 3 studies have been: 9 Fruits of the Spirit, Decisions, and Psalms. They have done several community outreach projects. Some examples are: Care packages to our college students, Thinking of You baskets to 7 church family members, support the Relay for Life team, support to 2 seminary students, a Christmas basket each year, “wiggle” flowers to their members in the nursing home and at Brookstone.  Each Sunday, coffee, tea, sweet bread, and doughnuts are available.  They study the Bible for their minds and heart, have food for their bodies, and projects to put their faith into action.

WHAT: The Fishers Sunday Morning Bible Study

WHEN: Sundays @ 9:15AM

WHERE: In the Dining Room

WHY: Our current Bible study is Max Lucado's "Walk Through the Psalms" 

WHAT ELSE: We would LOVE to have you join this class.